Birthday Parties
Birthday Party Packages

Package parties are $350
Pick your own party $375

We have a huge selection of balloons
Special party balloon package

No outside balloons are allowed
Happy to accommodate theme or colors

  • Decorate a candy/gumball machine
  • Make a candy necklace
  • Chocolate dip Oreos & marshmallows with sprinkles
  • Go on a fun filled scavenger hunt
Create your own party!!

Pick 3 – one from each below:
$375 up to 15 kids ($20 per additional child)

  • Tye Dye T-Shirt
  • Create a Candy Mosaic Tile
  • Decorate gumball machine
  • Decorate acrylic box filled with candy
  • Design a Frame / group photo included
  • Paint a Box filled with Treasures
  • Hand make a candy jar

Parties are 7 days a week!!
$50 Non-refundable deposit
Ages 4 & up
Parties are 1.5 hours

Arrival time for the party host is 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time.

Tips appreciated
Space is limited
Drop Off Only

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